Employee Wellness “Fit for Life” Assessment

Hill View Retirement Center is proud to present the “Fit for Life” Wellness program for our employees. Hill View has partnered with SOMC to manage our wellness program.
In order to participate in the “Fit for Life” program, you must :
  • Enroll in the health insurance program
  • Complete the “Fit for Life” agreement
  • Be tobacco free and complete the Tobacco Free Affidavit
  • Complete the online Wellness Assessment
  • Complete Biometric Testing (See Human Resources to Schedule)
To complete the on line assessment, please follow the link below:
  • Your login will always be your last name and first initial. For example, Jane Doe would be doej.
  • Your initial password will be temporary and you will be instructed to change it your first visit.
    • The temporary password is: password1
    • (Permanent password must be at least 6 characters long and contain letters and numbers) Click Submit
  • Complete Your Account: My Health Statistics
  • On the upper right side of the page you will see “Wellness Score.” Click the blue box that reads “Assess your health now.”
  • Read consent and notice – Click agree.
  • Continue completing your information.
  • Once your assessment is complete, click the “Save and Exit” button.
  • A wellness score will be tabulated. You will be able to review this result after clicking on “View Completed Assessment” which appears on your home page. The report is interactive and will provide you with tips and information to improve your health and wellness.
  • Based on your risk category, a Wellness Coach will help you establish goals and provide ongoing support and case management.


Employee Benefits

Paid Vacation
Two weeks of paid vacation annually after one year of employment. Three weeks of paid vacation annually after five years of employment. Four weeks of paid vacation annually after 10 years of employment.
Regular part time and full time employment. Hours of paid vacation per week based on actual hours worked.
Paid Sick Days
Sick day benefits are available to eligible employees after one full year of employment. Sick day benefits accrue at a rate of five days per year.
Regular full time employees, after one year employment.
Paid Holidays
The following holidays are observed:
New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, & Christmas
Part time employees will receive a paid day off for the holidays that they are scheduled to work. Full time employees will receive a paid day off for every recognized holiday, whether they are scheduled to work, or scheduled off that day.
Regular part time and full time employees after completion of 90 day orientation period.
Free Meals
One free meal per shift worked.
All employees who work more than a four hour shift.
Pension Plan
Hill View is formally affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Because of this affiliation, Hill View's pension plan is set up through The General Board of Pensions and Health Benefits of the United Methodist Church. Employees may enroll in this plan anytime after one full month of employment.
Enrolled employees may make a minimum contribution of 3% of their base pay, made on a pre-tax basis via payroll deduction. Several investment options with varying degrees of risk are available. Hill View provides matching contributions after one year of employment. Employees are 100% vested in Hill View's matching contributions after earning three years of vesting service. For every dollar the employee contributes, up to 3% of your income, Hill View will match by contributing 6% of your income.
All regular part time and full time employees.
Free uniforms are provided for the following categories of staff:
• Nurse Technicians
• Resident Helpers
• Housekeepers
• Cooks
• Cook's Helpers
• Servers
• Dishwashers
• Maintenance staff
• Purchasing Agent
• Drivers
Two free uniforms provided at time of hire and one additional free uniform provided annually.
All employees in listed job categories.
Hill View's Resident Scholarship Committee has established a fund to provide scholarship dollars to employees who attend any college or /university of their choice.
Regular part time and full time employees, after one year employment.
Direct Deposit
Employee earnings are transferred electronically directly into your checking or savings account. Employees receive a printed detailed payroll report on earnings, deductions and net pay deposit.
All employees
Employees attend a full day general orientation which addresses general Hill View policies and programs. After this is completed, employees receive a job-specific orientation in their department.
All employees
Leave of Absence
Hill View recognizes that employees may occasionally need extended time away from work due to illness or special circumstances. To address those needs, Hill View provides the following types of leave:
• FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)
• Personal
• Military
• Worker's Compensation
Varies, depending on employment catagory, length of service, and hours worked in the past 12 months.
Life Insurance
$12,000 term life insurance policy at no cost to employee. Coverage begins after one full month of employment.
Full time employees
Health & Supplemental Insurance
Additional Benefits
• Savings account option through payroll deduction
• Discounted LIFE Center membership through payroll deduction
• Shift differential (RNs, LPNs, C.N.A.'s, and Nurse Technicians)
• Jury Duty/Military Leave
• Bereavement Leave
• Employee Health Services
• Free parking
• Worker's Compensation
• Transitional Work Program
• Safety Incentive Awards
• Unemployment insurance
• Employee Stars and Otie Award Recognition Programs
• Employee Christmas Party
• Fishing Privileges in our stocked ponds
All employees.
Varies by benefit

To contact Human Resources

Kane Bazler
Phone: (740) 351-1012
Fax: (740) 355-1043