You Can Make a Difference at Hill View

There are several of ways to make monetary gift donations to Hill View. Your donations help us strengthen our mission of service and care to our residents.

Hill View Retirement Community is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, as described in the Internal Revenue Code, and your gifts, (with the exception of the Gratuity Fund), qualify as charitable contributions for tax purposes.

Gifts of all types and any amount are most welcome by Hill View Retirement Community and may be given in memory of a deceased resident or in honor of a living resident at Hill View. Your gifts to Hill View may be designated for many worthy purposes.

Endowment Fund

This is one of the most important charitable funds at Hill View. This fund is used to assist Hill View residents who have outlived their financial resources and can no longer fully meet their monthly financial obligations.

Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund is used to assist Hill View employees and their families with their education expenses.

Gratuity Fund

The Gratuity Fund is available for residents and their families. Donated funds are used to provide Christmas gratuities for Hill View employees.
Donations given to this fund are considered income for employees. Therefore, contributions made to this fund are not tax deductible.

Education Fund

The Education Fund is used to promote knowledge and expertise to employees by providing educational opportunities in services to residents at all levels of care. A specific focus is for training in dementia care.

Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund provides a means for residents, families and friends to give gifts in memory of a deceased resident. This is a small fund used primarily for memorial flowers.

Eden Fund

The Eden Fund is a small fund set aside for the purchase of trees, bushes, flowers, etc. for the beautification of the Hill View grounds. It is also used for Wesley Village projects, such as supplies for intergenerational programs or decorating needs.

Types of Donations Accepted by Hill View

Cash or Check

This is the most often used method to support Hill View Retirement Community. We accept cash or checks in any amount with heart-felt gratitude.

Last Will and Testament

A bequest through one’s Will allows the giver to designate a special dollar amount, specific assets, or a percentage of one’s estate as their gift.

Life Insurance

Owners of life insurance can make Hill View Retirement Center the beneficiary of a policy. The donor can designate how the proceeds shall be used for any of Hill View’s many purposes.

Speak with your financial advisor to find out the best way for you to make tax deductible donations.
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