A Testimonial from Diann B. Cook

Hill View Retirement Center is a very special place to me.  You ask, “Why is this true?”  I have spent many hours at Hill View visiting and assisting my mother for the last twenty-four years.

Mother was truly at home at Hill View.  For twenty years, she lived independently in a one bedroom apartment, experiencing the Hill View Family by sharing food, worship, committee work, volunteer work, and fun, exciting activities.  I witnessed her happiness and shared in it many times.

She lived her last four years in the Assisted Living area, Wesley Village.  Mother had Macular Degeneration and could not see properly; therefore, she needed assistance taking medication and showers. She was able to walk with a walker, and she was permitted to walk anywhere at Hill View that she desired.  Her mind was very good, but she had heart problems which caused her to slow down gradually because of strength.  She received excellent care from all nurses, nurse assistants, and activity directors.  Life for her at Hill View was wonderful!!

Hill View is a remarkable place because God is present working through many Christian employees. This is evident as you observe the various workers as they go about their daily work.  All staff is efficient with their jobs, but they are also very aware of the residents that they work around.  Their friendliness and care are evident: stopping to assist someone who is having problems walking, moving chairs to sit at a table going out doors, etc.

During Mother’s residency, we worked with many Hill View employees.  We have been very impressed with ALL of them; from the president to the maintenance and custodial staff.  The Hill View Chaplain is an excellent member of the staff, visiting when people enter Hill View to make his presence known and being with them as needed.  The Chorus Director encourages people to sing weekly and on special occasions, which lifts spirits and keeps people young!

Everyone at Hill View works hard to make it a healthy and beautiful place to live!

Our positive feelings about life at Hill View have caused my husband and I to make the decision to make Hill View our Home.  We are truly looking forward to living at Hill View, enjoying the fellowship of the residents and staff, the beautiful hills and ponds, exercising, relaxing, and assisting someone who might need help.

Thank you Hill View for continuing to make this facility a great home for many senior citizens in our area. We pray that God will continue to guide your staff as the continue this service of love.

-Diann B. Cook


From Ponderings by Patricia North

There’s a tiny slice of paradise tucked inside the campus of Hill View Retirement Center, likely our final homestead.

Leaving behind 42 years of pastoring and 54 years of accumulated treasures was a challenge. What would ease the sense of loss?

And if “home is where the heart is," would our hearts know how to cross over, when they seemed so tied to the past? Many unknowns awaited us...but so did the pond.

Beyond the lamp post lay a kingdom teeming with bountiful, interesting, inspirational treasures. Treasures. The kind we wouldn’t have to auction off or give away, as we had just experienced. The treasure we found would be ours to keep.

With camera in hand, we caught God-in-motion as seasons changed. With every evidence of His gifts, those dangling heart-strings more tightly wrapped around our new home....at Hill View Pond, the perfect place to ponder God’s majesty and artistry.

It is where the aging are renewed in spirit,

and can more easily envision the glorious Kingdom to come.

Beyond the lamp post lie discoveries for all who care to enter in. So, come along... treasures await!

Blessings - Dick and Pat North