Assisted Living

Why Choose Assisted Living at Hill View?

At Hill View, residents of the assisted living area enjoy a level of service that is just right.  This “in-between” stage of our Life Care program suits residents who are still rather independent, but need help from time to time. For many, it is an attractive and less expensive alternative to a nursing home.  One more added benefit is the ease of transition to skilled nursing care if it becomes needed.

Assisted Living at Hill View means help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Someone is always on hand to provide reminders about medication to avoid confusion or missed doses.  Helpers relieve the frustration of a stubborn button or hard to reach shoelaces. Choosing assisted living means making daily life so much easier.

You’ve worked hard over the years, providing for yourself and others.  Now is the time to let others lighten your load and take care of you… time to enjoy the ease and security of an assisted lifestyle. 

Come Home to Hill View where help is always available!

Advantages of Assisted Living at Hill View’s Life Care Community

  • Assurance of support personnel on duty around the clock
  • Assistance in remembering medication, entering slippery showers, or completing other daily tasks like cleaning or laundry
  • Many resort-style accommodations and amenities
  • Close-knit community of fellow retirees
  • Easy accessibility to enjoy hobbies and visit with friends
  • Calendar of activities and events for entertainment
  • Monitoring of health with health screenings and preventative care
  • Peace of mind with 24 hour Emergency Response System in every home
  • Access to skilled nursing care; if needed
  • Less expensive alternative to a nursing home